E-books and e-readers are an amazing asset that we have at our disposal. You can get free textbooks online or if you can’t find a certain book in print you can likely find an electronic copy at your local library or online. While e-books are not my cup of tea I see the value they have and the amount of knowledge that is just a click away at any time. I work too much on computers as it is so I try to avoid them when it’s my free time. With that being said I love that we as a society have so much access to so many books in many different formats. When it is easier to access books in whatever your format of choice is you are likelier to read and isn’t that what we want- more readers?

As technology continues to expand and grow so too will libraries and librarians. Librarians have to learn the different technologies that interact with their jobs (e-books, e-readers, apps, etc.) but they cannot lose touch of the less technological aspects of their jobs. Each librarian has to be equipped to assist all of their patrons both with new technology and those who prefer to avoid technology or just don’t understand technology. This is something that I had not thought of, I understood that keeping up with technology is part of maintaining a library and keeping it active but ensuring that you understand other ways to help customers without technology slipped my notice. I love the concept of being knowledgeable about your job no matter the format. I believe that we should utilize technology because it is a wonderful resource but always be prepared to live without it. Technology comes with its own challenges; finding the books you want, access to e-readers, system glitches, outages and service issues. It is definitely important to incorporate a well rounded selection of e-books into each library. You would want some overlap with print and e-books as well as ensuring that e-books are up to par with what your customer base reads and enjoys.

I am a book lover for sure and I am thoroughly enjoying learning about the different formats and categories of books that are out there. While this week was about e-books the most surprising thing I learned is that there is a new category of books called “New Adult” which I am thoroughly intrigued and would like to find a book in this category to see what its all about. One of the articles I read for this week mentions that young adult or YA books are read by many adults and it seems there is a fine line between adult and young adult fiction. My confusion is where and why does “New Adult” come in. I look forward to finding out in between semesters.

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