Accelerated Reading

I am not really sure what I thought accelerated reading was before this week’s readings. I guess I was thinking of it more as an advanced course or extracurricular activity. I like the idea of accelerated reading and how it can build upon a student’s reading level. For students who are behind their grade level it helps them build confidence, create an excitement for reading, find passions and hobbies. I don’t think this is the only program to subscribe to for reading promotion but I think it is a wonderful starting point. As students progress in school it would be beneficial to build a program that grows with them and keeps them engaged. I am not 100 percent sure what that would look like but the concept seems like it would be the best route.

I really liked how Solley and Luck found ways to reach their students while utilizing the system. Solley found a way to reach a child who was behind in his reading level and had become rebellious to cover for that insecurity. He became so engaged and really stuck to the agreement which gave him confidence and a love of reading. It broke my heart that he moved schools and there was not more to the story for him, at least not that we could read. It is the reason I want to be a librarian, I want to bring a joy of reading to students, build their confidence and help them learn and engage in their learning.

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