LGBTQ in Literature

Beyond Magenta, Between Mom and Jo and the articles read this week were interesting. As an ally for LGBTQ rights and equality, I agreed with the articles and the idea that literature with LGBTQ characters and themes are important to have in your collection. It is important that children be able to find books that represent them to see that they are not alone. For children who are not LGBTQ it is good to see life from another perspective in order to breed acceptance and understanding. There is a lack of literature with LGBTQ characters and themes and the ones that are out there are not made widely available at all libraries. Librarians have a unique position to provide information and understanding through literature. We can make sure that children have access to books that relate to them and a safe place for them to be who they are.

Beyond Magenta is a beautiful book of personal stories from the source of what it is like to transition and what that experience entails. Each person’s transition is different so this book provides different points of view and different experiences for the readers to relate to and gain understanding of transgender and their paths. This book would be a great addition to any library’s nonfiction section for everyone to learn about transgender transitions and the obstacles they run into but also for those who are not sure who they are. It is important to have an escape from the obstacles to see you are not alone and books like Beyond Magenta provide that.

Between Mom and Jo is a heartbreakingly honest book about growing up in a home with two moms, divorce/separation, bullying. Nick was bullied because he had two moms by students and staff alike. This book gives insight into the things that children and adults of the LGBT community go through on a regular basis that those that are outside of it just don’t think of. This book shows that LGBT community members are not alone in their experiences and shows what lack of acceptance does to a person, to a child.

Global acceptance is not going to happen overnight but inclusion of LGBT literature should. Every library should have fiction and nonfiction books with LGBT literature for its patrons to check out. If theses items are challenged there is the defense that the books are ALA, they are important to patrons and if the book is not enjoyed by a certain group they have the ability to not check it out. No one should walk into a library and find no books that seem familiar to them or something that relates to them. It is also important to read outside of our comfort zones and our communities to truly understand the world around us.

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