#1 School Library Missions

The mission statement of the library I am working with is: the media center exists to assist students in their search for recreational and curricular reading material; to promote students’ life-long enthusiasm for reading; and to collaborate with teachers to improve curriculum development and student achievement.

I think that the best way to live up to this mission statement is to hold meetings regularly with the different departments to ensure that you are collaborating as expected and how to do more with these collaborations in order to get the most out of the effort but also to best serve the patrons. It is important to have collaboration between teachers and the media specialist so that students have additional support for research questions and project related needs but also so they can learn new ways to complete these tasks. Teachers, administrators and media specialists need to collaborate to improve and expand on the curriculum so that it can transform and grow with the technologies added and the students’ needs. The point of collaboration among all school staff is to enhance the student learning experience and to constantly grow and improve what is already working and fix what is not working. 

I would recommend that if you want to promote a life long enthusiasm for reading you need to work with the English department to bring more diversity to the assigned reading but also do not limit what the students can read based on their reading level. You can let a student know this is a higher reading level and that they are welcome to try it if that is what they want but to come to you for assistance if they have any issues with the book. I think if we only stick to our reading levels we aren’t moving forward but staying stagnant. It is good to challenge ourselves and our students to try new things and to try things that challenge them in different ways. I have said this many times and I should probably research the probability of this working but I think that students should be offered books with the same theme but from different formats and genres so they can find what they enjoy while still learning the same lesson. I think having something like that in place would really help students find a passion for reading. 


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