#2 Why Librarians are Important

It is shocking to read the research that shows the cuts being made to libraries and library positions nationwide. I understand from the reactions I get when I tell people I am studying to become a librarian that the position is grossly underestimated. In reading the assigned articles this week I got a better glimpse into what all a librarian can do and how important advocacy for the library truly is. Advocating for the library can come from anyone and in many forms but it is an important aspect to keep libraries and librarians in schools and to improve these things for all stakeholders. The technology, programs, education, promotion of reading, writing and literacy are things that we need to cherish and advocate for through local, state and national means.

I enjoyed all of the articles presented this week but the evidence based practice. I had thought about advocacy and conferences to help build the library to what it needs to be. I had not thought about reviewing research and watching trends to see what is needed in the library and how to use this information best. This is a wonderful approach to broach advocacy. You can build a case based on your research, experience and skills to create a proposal for why you need what you do and why it is beneficial to the stakeholders and the school as a whole. I think that when you are advocating or asking for something it is best to provide a plan of action and support of why this will work and how it will benefit the stakeholders.

Questions that these articles left me with are, How best can we inform the masses of the importance of libraries and librarians? How can each person within the school advocate for the library? How do we incorporate evidence based practice into more schools?

I am also learning from my interviews of different school staff that the information they know about librarians and their roles and responsibilities it is a wide range of ideas and depends on how closely they work with the library and the librarian. I think that if you look at what you know about libraries you will find that it correlates to how much you utilize this resource but the more you utilize it the more you understand the benefits it can have for you.





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