#5 Advocacy Project Reflection

This project was terrifying, I kept thinking I understood advocacy but it turns out I was wrong. It isn’t that I don’t understand the concept or that it isn’t important but that when planning this out I find that I seem to confuse what is promotion and what is advocacy. I really appreciated all of the feedback on how to do better in the future because each piece of feedback will help push me to be a better librarian. While I would say this is not my finest work now that I understand where I went wrong I appreciate the entire process to learn more about the library, about advocacy and even my own writing. I learned a lot about the administration of the school I worked with and I would like to get better at advocacy for myself but them as well. I think with a better understanding of what librarians do and how what we do benefits the school and the stakeholders.

I know that in growing the collection we will provide improved literacy, test scores, have the ability to enhance the curricula, provide the skill set to function in a global society, and promote a love of reading that will span beyond their time in school. In ensuring that different formats are available we are allowing the different types of readers to find themselves in the library and read in a manner that best works for them. The end goal is to collaborate on a more consistent basis with all teachers with a diverse set of books to bring a passion for reading and promote interest in the assignments provided by the teachers. This will also waterfall into building a better library layout, one that is designed by a librarian to bring the most benefits to the stakeholders as possible. While separate from this project it is happening in tandem with my efforts, the librarian is adding a makerspace with materials for high school projects. This new space and the bookcases we were approved for will bring a better atmosphere to the library while we build the collection to where it needs to be.

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