#6 Literacy Skills & The Principal

I enjoyed the report from the field article but I had a hard time really processing that information. I am not sure if I just couldn’t process how best to discuss what I read. I liked the study and I think it provided some very valuable information on the importance of literacy I just feel I got more out of the Donham chapter this round. In Donham,  I was surprised to see the breakdown of a principal’s day. I understand that there are many demands on a principal’s time and that they have to divide their time between but the actual breakdown from the survey conducted was really interesting. While reading the information on administration and the principal role I kept thinking back to the interview I completed with a principal. I couldn’t help but compare how the principal I spoke with compared to the standards and survey feedback. I think that his schedule is very similar to the feedback provided and he seems to want to get to a place where he can meet the standards but he doesn’t seem to know how to make that happen.

I really like the idea of splitting some of the responsibilities up between the administration, teacher leaders and even the librarian in order to allow the principal to meet standards while also giving others a shot at leadership which will provide them chances for advancement. While I work outside of the education system, I find that many people in leadership roles do not understand what being a leader means and how to implement that in their daily lives. Many times they are managing a team but not leading it and while that seems like a minute difference it is actually quite large. I think that in giving others throughout the school the opportunity to complete tasks that a leader does you are giving them the skills to become leaders and to advance their careers. We all grow when we create more leaders and build leadership skills. I think that a combined effort method would do wonders for a school system and for all who participated.


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