#7 Media Program Planning and Evaluation

This week we utilized the IMPACT rubric to score the libraries we are working with. The rubric was enlightening in some areas but mostly it showed the weaknesses in the library that we are already aware of. After going through the rubric to see where the library falls on the scale I created a logic model for goals that the library should achieve based off of the rubric. I will say I learned a lot about my own technology deficiencies while trying to create and organize this. We were given a couple of templates within google docs that I just could not format to meet my needs for the logic model I had in mind and the software I typically use for work is not something viable I can use for this so I scrambled and stumbled a lot before finally getting it together on google drawings which was a saving grace for me. It was so easy to use and allowed me to not have a complete meltdown. I was able to get my logic model up and running with the end goal being to get the library up to IMPACT standards via a full functional MTAC, increasing collaboration by 25% and increasing the collection to have 15 books per student. From the logic model I was able to create an objective outline for each of these three objectives with each having questions of where to start, how to gather data for them and then what the intermediate goals were. I will say I think that the intermediate goals were the hardest part because I felt like leaping from the questions and data to the end goal and had a hard to finding that middle ground from time to time.  Overall I feel like this was a good assignment for me to struggle through, I needed to learn the technology piece and I really enjoyed having several ways to work through goals and objectives for the library. The logic model and the objective worksheet were different ways of writing the same information and I feel like that really helps to hone the ideas that you have. I hope to garner feedback that will help me learn and grow to be better at these things and look forward to what else I will learn as I progress through this project in the coming weeks.

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