#8 Action Research

The article on action research expanded on the information I have learned so far and made the process clear. Understanding how to best plan and research this to get the best results is really important because it is something we all have in common. Advocating for what the library needs is not always going to be viewed by the stakeholders as it is by the librarian. There are many times where the librarian sees an issue or issues that the stakeholders find unimportant, uninteresting or unremarkable. When this happens you will run into trouble trying to convince them that these items are needed and how they will assist the school and the stakeholders overall. The action research plan gives you a step by step guide on how to bring the most impact to the library. It tells you where you should start, you should find where the library is at and ask where it should or could be and how to get there. In asking the right questions you can start to come up with ideas to bring to the stakeholders. If you choose the right area that intrigues the stakeholders they will be motivated to assist with the efforts and in the process could find a passion for the library.

I like the information on types of research, I personally am a fan of a mixed method of research but having the information on qualitative and quantitative as well as mixed to see the benefits of each and how they can be utilized for different scenarios is very helpful. I know we had two articles to read this week and they both provided good information but I am very interested in the action research method so I chose to focus my journal entry on that particular article so that I could reflect on it as well as find what parts provided the most insight.

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