#10 ALAR 2

I have three issues that I want to work into a cascade fix for the school library media center I am working with. My difficulty has been to figure out whether or not I can work this into one action learning/action research project or if I need to come down to just one. When I think of the cascade idea I see how improving one and creating a small project with that fix will lead to the next item being fixed and each will flow into the other to create an overall improvement to the library’s alignment with the IMPACT guidelines.

I believe that if I get the MTAC utilizes its diverse makeup to collaboratively come up with a diverse set of books that diversify and grow the collection it can enhance the ability to collaborate with teachers throughout the school. There is already an MTAC in place and has the expected group of participants but they are there to brainstorm with the librarian they are not there to make decisions that power lies only with the librarian. If they had the power to make decisions they would have the motivation to ensure that the decisions were what was best for the school and as stakeholders they would have a dog in the fight for everything they would be deciding. I think this would be a fairly natural cascade effect, in having the first decision of the MTAC to improve the libraries collection while using that as an in to bring collaborative efforts to a higher percentage of the school.

I think that if I cannot figure out how to create a realistic cascade effect through my research and implementation planning I think I could stick with the collection and collaborations. I think that taking a day or two per classroom to see what the teachers are currently teaching, what materials they have and make notes of how the library could enhance what they are doing. In reviewing what is currently working and what could assist the teachers the librarian could make a case for improving the collection with books and technology that would best improve the projects the teachers have planned. The librarian would ideally spend a day or two per class and at the end of the viewing would sit with the teacher to discuss findings, what is available currently and what recommendations she has for the future improvements that could also assist. At the end of each meeting their should be a scheduled collaborative effort.

The librarian I am working with is open to any and all of these ideas if I can come with the appropriate proposal to sell the idea to her. These each align with the logic model created so it is all about proper implementation and planning.

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