#11 ALAR 3

The ALAR saga continues, I met with my critical friends group on Sunday. We each went over the ALAR project plan and the ALAR plan graph. It was hard to ask questions rather than to just suggest things but I really enjoyed that challenge because it made me think of what I was saying and how I was wording it so that they can better create their own idea and think over what they want to do. We got through both of theirs and had some really good questions to help build on the foundations they have built for their projects. Unfortunately, there wasn’t feedback on my project but I will keep chugging along and hope to work through any kinks in the plan next week when we meet again. If nothing else while we discuss the different plans and ideas I get to hear what they are doing and see if where I am at makes sense and if I am moving in the right direction.

I have decided to move forward with improving the collaborative efforts with the teachers and get the administration more involved in encouraging these efforts. I really like the cascade idea with all 3 areas that the school library is currently lacking but I just don’t think that I can get that to pass and it would be a much longer time frame than I have available. I lucked out that the librarian I am working with is very open to really any avenue I want to take for this project and is willing to back my play as long as I bring her a solid proposal. Well this week I did just that and brought a proposal for how to increase the collaborations and co-teaching efforts throughout the school. She was very pleased and we have begun the process by compiling data on past collaborations and asking teachers who are currently collaborating with her to provide feedback. We have also asked if they would be willing to participate in a video for collaborations that would be used to convince the teachers and administration that collaboration is important and benefits all stakeholders.

By next week’s check-in, I plan to have my portfolio complete and the presentation started. I plan to have a presentation ready for the teachers and will have observations set up with each teacher for the coming months with a follow up session set in the new year where we will discuss options, findings and how best we can collaborate without interfering with what they need to do.

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