#12 ALAR 4

This week I worked to get the ALAR portfolio put together. I pieced together the logic model and the worksheets we filled out for class in order create a formal paper layout though it certainly needs some work. My goal is to meet with my group tonight and then polish the paper to ensure it flows properly. Once I feel that the paper is ready I will get the presentation prepped and ready for the presentations on 12/11. I feel confident that the collaboration process will work and we have made some great progress in bringing the teachers and administration around to agreeing to participate more freely in collaborative efforts. The teachers have agreed to allow us to observe their classrooms and before we even began the observations we had three new teachers setup collaboration events. We begin observations after Thanksgiving break and hope to get at least three more teachers signed up for collaborations.

The initial meeting with administration and the teachers where we explained how collaborations are important, how they can impact the school positively and what they can do for all parties involved. It went really well, we received new interested teachers and set up times to collaborate. Administration is more open to assisting in getting teachers interested. We created a presentation with information on how collaborations are important with testimonials from teachers who are already benefiting from collaborative efforts. We hope to see more growth after the observations and feedback meetings once we get back from break. We hoped to fit more in before the break but unfortunately schedules did not allow for that to happen. We are excited to hit the ground running afterwards and to have a solid start before we even begin our expected process. I am looking forward to beginning the observations to see where we can help the teachers and what we can provide that will improve their processes.

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