#9 Action Learning/Action Research

Well I have created the logic model and provided a goal sheet to show where I would like for my ALAR project to go based on the rubric of where the library currently is. I think it may be a lot to take on all at once but I also feel that each piece bleeds into the other. In bringing the MTAC up to IMPACT standards they will need to have meetings and discuss items that need work. Two of the items that need work are the collection size and diversity and the lack of collaborations with teachers. If we grow the collection to where it should be while diversifying it at the same time we should be using that opportunity to create more opportunities for collaborations. So while they are separate goals they cascade into one another. I am trying to find the best method of making a case for this and creating the proper cascade and timeline to ensure each of these is possible in the timeline provided.

In speaking with the librarian I think that we can work this into the goals and transition each of these within the time promised. This project in conjunction with my project for RES 5000 and the Praxis are coming together for the perfect storm of nerves and trying to find the right place to balance each of these along with the countless hours of overtime I have to work with my position currently. I am currently working through the provided worksheets so that I can best lay out a plan and have two meetings set with my friend group assigned in class and a few meetings scheduled with the librarian I am working with to get this in motion and see what we can fit in while class is in session.

This is off topic for class but I really enjoyed the Graphic Novel seminar this past weekend. I am a supporter for graphic novels in the classroom/school and think that they can assist in building a love of reading among other skills and passions. I think that each of the sections we discussed in the seminar brought different aspects and a whole lot of books that I now need/want to read to get a better understanding of the format. I look forward to working on that assignment as well as I believe it will give a good insight into how to advocate for graphic novels in schools. I have really enjoyed going to different seminars for this field as it helps supplement different topics while I am still working outside of the field. I took 6 or 8 this summer which were really interesting and gave me a good insight into librarianship. I hope to find more opportunities to delve into the different aspects of this career path both in and out of school.

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